AlpStories at Founders Forum event in London

We were invited to present AlpStories concept as one of the top technology innovations of the year in the Demo room of glamorous Founders forum event in London on 14th of June. It was really an honor to be among 500 impressive visitors that have also received personalized AlpStories products in their gift bags. We are waiting for some response about the products, but considering the excitement at out stand at the event, we have no doubt in it.

Unfortunately we were not able to bring our robot Balthazar to London, since the robot cell weights almost 5 tones, but, even though, just the video of the production got a lot of attention. All the visitors had the possibility to get their skin analyzed with a professional skin analyzer that we’ve brought from one of the stores in Slovenia, where we are offering complimentary skin analysis. Many of them were surprised about the results and wanted an advice on using appropriate skin-care products for their skin. They could also check out mini skin analyzers, connected to a smart-phone application, which we would like to offer our customers in the near future. Overall, it was a nice experience with a lot of thrill in the atmosphere; therefore we are already looking forward to present ourselves at the next event of that kind.