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Shower Gel Rosemary

Stimulating shower gel rosemary for energizing your body and mind.

9.90 eur
Currently not available
Bath Salt Rosemary

Discover  the wondrous benefits of natural minerals and organic rosemary oil. 

9.18 eur
Currently not available
Organic Hair Conditioner Aloe Vera

This organic daily-use hair conditioner gently protects and replenishes moisture of your hair. 

12.80 eur
Organic Shampoo Aloe Vera

This organic daily-use shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes your hair. 

12.80 eur
Stimulating Rosemary & Verbena Shower Gel

Stimulating natural bath and shower gel infused with rosemary and verbena scent suitable for everyday use.

9.90 eur
Organic hair care set with aloe vera - SPECIAL OFFER

Hair care set includes organic hair conditioner and shampoo with aloe vera.


15.60 eur
Currently not available