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Cleansing Tonic Marigold And Chamomile

100% natural mild skin tonic gently removes impurities and works antibacterial. 

12.80 eur
Anti-Age Cream With Collagen

Day emulsion for skin in need of deep noursihment. 

36.50 eur
Tea Tree Oil Face Cream

This day cream is particularly successfull in a treatment of oily skin and acne prone skin. 

24.40 eur
Rose moisturizing face cream

Rose moisturizing face cream for delicate or dehydrated skin. 

24.40 eur
Marigold Cream

Best for delicate sensitive skin. 

24.40 eur
Marigold Macerated Oil With Vitamin E

The marigold oil is especially recommended to people with sensitive skin, due to redness and dry skin.

12.80 eur